About Me

First family photo is 19 years the Tindales came in for Family Photos

Hey everyone. My name's Nick, if that wasn't obvious enough. I've been a drummer for ten years and a drum teacher for eight years at various studios in Prince George. Recently, over the last two years, I've been a session drummer for Cheslatta Records and I've completed nine EP's and seven LP's in my career so far.


Besides being a teacher and a session musician, I've been learning the fundamentals of being an audio engineer and producer at Cheslatta Records under the watchful eyes of Rick Irvine and Ron Sintich. It's been an unreal experience to be a session musician, then turn around and work on arranging songs and taking them to the next level. Creating every aspect of a song and learning the art of composing with an organic feel has been a huge influence in my style of producing.

Yamaha Drums


1969 DT-225 Black Willow 12R / 13R / 16F / 14S / 20K   2012 DTX-9750 13T / 16F / 18F / 14S / 24K *programmed*

Taye Drums


2006 Eight Piece Studio Maple 10R / 12R / 13R / 16F / 18F / 14S / 13S / 20K   2006 Four Piece Studio Maple 10T / 14F / 14S / 22K



2006 Taye Studio Maple 1973 Ludwig Superphonic 331 1971 Rogers Custom Built 2006 Taye Stainless Steel Piccolo 1991 Yamaha Musashi (Black Stain)



Steve Regnier Cajon, Columbus Washboard, LP Percussion Tambourine, Jembe by Granville Johnson 10', native drum by Keom Johnson, Bavly Music Dumbek, Tone drum, 1971 Ludwig Cowbell, Jembe by Granville Johnson.

Drum Lessons

Drum Studio

I will be taking a limited number of students at my private studio for the 2017/18 season. I have two electric Yamaha kits (DTX 9750 and DTX 400) and two acoustic kits (Yamaha 4 piece and Taye 4 piece) depending on what I am teaching. For inquiries call me at 250-960-9191 or click on "Contact Me".

Half hour lessons $20

One Hour Lessons $40

My Bands

 Acid & Oil

Progressive Rock / Metal



Founded October 2006

My longest on-going project, Acid & Oil has been the biggest part of my growth as a musician. With Drew Gray ripping it up with his limitless talent on the guitar and Chris Dibbens' vast imagination with writing lyrics, arrangement and above all his amazing bass-playing I couldn't ask for better best friends to jam with! BROTHERS FROM ANOTHER MOTHER!

 Genevieve Jaide Duo

Alternative / Acoustic


Founded September 2014

Gen is definitely the best female singer /songwriter I have ever had the opportunity to play with. Beside live shows, I have spent many hours writing  in the studio on her debut album "For Him" releasing summer of 2017. If you want an raw, organic show that has so much emotion and character to every original song you have to come see Gen!

Studio 720

Rock / Hair Metal


Founded: August 2015

What can I say I love playing cover music and the guys in Studio 720 know how to play some sick covers! J.P. being one of the top vocalists in P.G. it makes this band absolutely shine and stand out. Colton and Ryan add so much energy and character to the band especially when both guys switching off playing lead and rhythm throughout the night. Finally, Andrew is the cherry on top holding down the rhythm section with me and absolutely slaying all the Zeppelin tunes. This band is a must see for anyone who loves rock covers!    

Who I Have Performed With

Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne



Awards: Juno Award for Blues Album of the Year Juno Award for Best Blues/Gospel Album    

John Lee Sanders




Maple Blues Award for "Song of the Year"

"Emmy nomination for composition"

Brandon Isaak



Awards: Two Maple Blues Awards Acoustic Act Of The Year & Song Writer Of The Year Western Canadian Blues Award Nomination for Blues Album Of The Year 2012  

Past Bands

Exidist (Hard Rock, 2006-2010), My Adolescence (Punk, 2007-2008), Kathy Frank Band (Blues / Blues Rock, 2007-2009), Montage (Classic Rock, 2007-2009), Among Pestilence (Death Metal, 2007 - 2008) , Dangercat (Post Hard Rock, 2009-2011), Chem 7 (Hair Metal Cover Band, 2009-2012) B Boss Blues (Blues / Jazz 2010-2011), Circadian Rhythm (Pop, 2012-2013), Funk Yeah! (Big Band Funk, 2012-2013), Horses & Bayonets (Hard Rock, 2012-2013), Rick Stavely & The Western Front (Country, 2012-2015), Bright City Heights (Indie Rock, 2013-2016), The Burden (Post Hard-Core 2016-2017)

Upcoming Events


Genevieve Jaide - TBA - October 16th

Studio 720 - Westwood Pub - October 28th

Event Link


Cheslatta Records




Rick Irvine has been a second father to me. His knowledge, attention to detail, and his great sense of humor makes him an incredible engineer and producer to work with. Cheslatta Records will always be my second home and I know I will always enjoy working as a session musician and an audio engineer. I can honestly say I never would of been the musician I am today if it wasn't for Rick! Cheslatta Records is the premier studio in town running Pro Tools 11HD with the Avid OMNI and two 16X16 HD I/O interfaces giving Rick the power recording 44 HD tracks at once! Besides all of the new goodies, Rick has plenty of vintage preamps from brands like Universal Audio, Joe Meek, Telefunken-Elektrokustik, Sony and Neumann microphones!  

Copper Clouds Studio



This is my cute little pre-production set-up I cleverly named Copper Clouds Studio (there is a story for the name ask me about it). This pre-production studio is solely designed for pre-production for Cheslatta Records clients or recording practices and pre-pro with my bands. Besides that I do video editing and website management and creation which is something I really enjoy doing. This set-up is powered by a Digidesign 003 running Pro-Tools 11 ver. 11.3.2 For monitors I have Yamaha HS7's with the matching Yamaha HSW8 subwoofer and a Studiomaster Pro2 acting as a controller and summing mixer.      


Contact Me

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